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July 18, 2018 2:02 PM | Anonymous member

Job Description Position: School Resource Officer (SRO) Reports To: Security Director Service: 184 Days/Year 8 Hours/Day or as needed to fulfill responsibilities Compensation: Salary TBD based on experience



1. Successful completion of basic SRO course from NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers). SRO coursework can be completed once hired at the district’s expense. 

2. Duly authorized law enforcement officer through Shelbyville Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff’s Department or a surrounding county or recently retired officer. SRO must continually fulfill necessary requirements to remain in good standing with that agency. 

3. Ability to serve as a resource for teachers, parents and students for law-related concerns and questions. Serve as a mentor for SES students. 4. Ability to serve as a resource in areas which may affect the educational environment and may be law-related. 



1. Enforce federal, state and local traffic and criminal laws and ordinances. 

2. Assist school officials with enforcement of school policy and regulations regarding student and visitor conduct. 

3. Protect persons and property on school premises; work through school administration to address concerns related to school safety, including building security, transportation, emergency response and evacuation plans. 

4. Perform all duties while armed and in professional attire that is appropriate for the activities at hand. 

5. Coordinate with the building principals to investigate and assist in the prosecution of violations occurring on school premises; gather information concerning criminal activity involving students on or off school grounds, conduct arrests as necessary and appropriate. 

6. Serve as a resource for students, enabling them to be associated with a law enforcement figure in the school environment; provide guidance and consultation for students experiencing problems related to law enforcement, making appropriate referrals. 

7. Meet with faculty, staff and parents on an individual basis to deal with specific issues or problems related to delinquency prevention. 

8. Act as liaison between students, parents, school faculty and staff, child protective services, juvenile prosecutors, juvenile court and probation officers; facilitate communication between all parties.

9. In conjunction with school administration, maintain control of emergency incidents requiring law enforcement intervention until relieved by police or fire department command personnel. 

10. Coordinate non-emergency requests for police services for special events, including, but not limited to athletic contests and other after-hours student-involved events. 

11. Document all actions taken with students and parents in a formal setting. 

12. Ensure compliance with school regulations and policies. 

13. Give testimony and present evidence in legal proceedings, if necessary. 

14. Responsible for coordinating maintenance and operations of building surveillance systems with the IT Department and/or appropriate external vendors. 

15. Perform other duties as required or assigned by the Superintendent, Security Director or Technology Director. 

Physical Effort and Work Environment:

 No prolonged, extreme physical demands are associated with normal duties or assignments, but the SRO may exert strenuous physical effort during emergency situations. The SRO must perform duties and take appropriate action in emergency situations, despite the stress associated with potential injury or loss of life to self or others.

Application Instructions:

 Please send your letter of interest, resume, application and references to  Applications can be downloaded from or picked up at Shelby Eastern Schools Central Office.

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